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Hungarian Settlement, located in the southeastern part of Louisiana, is a unique and historic community that was established by Hungarian immigrants in the late 19th century. The settlement is situated in the Livingston Parish and is known for its rich cultural heritage and close-knit community.

The history of Hungarian Settlement dates back to the 1890s when a group of Hungarian immigrants, primarily from the town of Kaposvár, arrived in Louisiana in search of a better life. The settlers were drawn to the area due to the promise of fertile land and the opportunity to establish their own agricultural community. These immigrants brought with them their Hungarian traditions, language, and customs, which have been preserved and celebrated by subsequent generations.

The settlers quickly established a thriving community, building homes, churches, and schools that reflected their Hungarian heritage. One of the most notable landmarks in Hungarian Settlement is the Hungarian Presbyterian Church, which was constructed in 1912 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The church, with its unique Hungarian architectural style, stands as a testament to the cultural and religious traditions of the early Hungarian settlers.

Today, Hungarian Settlement continues to be a vibrant and close-knit community, with many residents tracing their ancestry back to the original Hungarian immigrants. The settlement is known for its annual Hungarian Festival, which celebrates Hungarian culture through traditional music, dance, food, and crafts. The festival draws visitors from around the state and beyond, providing an opportunity for people to learn about and experience the unique heritage of Hungarian Settlement.

In addition to its cultural significance, Hungarian Settlement is also known for its picturesque landscapes and natural beauty. The area is surrounded by lush farmland, rolling hills, and sprawling oak trees, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Overall, Hungarian Settlement is a remarkable testament to the resilience, perseverance, and enduring legacy of the Hungarian immigrants who sought a new life in Louisiana. The community stands as a living reminder of the rich cultural tapestry that has shaped the history of the state.

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